Francesco De Pellegrini presenting Sesame project results in Huawei

The talk will present the results of the SESAME 5G project featuring contributions to the project from CREATE-NET, co-authored by Leonardo Goratti, Antonio Massaro and Rachid El-Azouzi.

The team has been studying non-neutral schemes suggesting new business opportunity for telecommunication operators. Over the top content providers such as YouTube or Facebook currently have infrastructure usage paid through the telco operators’ customers flat rates.

What it is proposed instead is a competitive scheme for caching popular contents in the micro server facilities. Content providers can purchase from a network operator cache space in the micro-servers where they can allocate content replicas of different popularity classes. By doing so they improve their customers’ experience at a cost. We first formulate a resource allocation problem where a tagged content provider minimizes the missed cache rate on the micro-servers’ caches,and the optimal caching strategy is derived under a Poisson process for the spatial distributionof the micro-servers. Also, we characterize the optimal cost as a function of the caching rate budget only, subject to the caching strategy of competing content providers. Hence, a competitive game among content providers is formulated, which exhibits properties similar to a Kelly-type of mechanism. Existence and uniqueness of Nash equilibria is discussed for this game together with numerical results of the caching scheme.

Monday, February 15, 2016