SESAME and CHARISMA are co-organizing the summer school “A Roadmap to 5G Development & Implementation” at Oulu, Finland on 12/06/2017

5G is foreseen as the key enabling technology that will provide high data rate communication services with low latency and will boost the development for new applications for all vertical industries. By supporting virtualization and multi-tenancy, 5G will enable the creation of new business models leading to a new ecosystem that will extend beyond the traditional telecommunication actors and stakeholders. In order for 5G to meet these ambitions a number of challenges must be resolved.

The summer school is hosted at the University of Oulu and is co-organised from the EU funded projects CHARISMA and SESAME. It will provide a series of lectures that cover thematic areas that are related to 5G networking.

 Topics include:
  • Technologies and architectures for 5G 
  • New use cases  for 5G networks
  • Design of NFV and SDN solutions
  • New business challenges and opportunities related to 5G
  • Socio economic drivers for 5G

Participants will have the opportunity to interact with researchers and academics from several European Universities, Research Institutes and Industry.

Registration for the CHARISMA and SESAME Summer School is mandatory and free of charge. For registration click hereA certificate of attendance will be given to all registered participants

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017