SESAME at the CTTE-CMI 2017 Conference

SESAME participated in the 13th CTTE (Conference of Telecommunication, Media and Internet Techno-Economics) and the 10th CMI Conference (, which took place in Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark, on 23th-24th November 2017. The discussed research topics were focused on Internet of Things – Business Models, Users, and Networks.

In particular, two papers were presented:

  • “Business and Market Perspectives in 5G Networks”, authored by I. Chochliouros, A. Kostopoulos, A. Spiliopoulou, A. Dardamanis, I. Neokosmidis, T. Rokkas, L. Goratti.

  • “Roadmap to 5G Success Influencing Factors and an Innovative Business Model”, authored by I. Neokosmidis, T. Rokkas.

Thursday, November 30, 2017