SESAME at the "XIII Jornadas de Ingenería Telemática"

SESAME was present at the XIII Jornadas de Ingenería Telemática, held on Sep. 27-29, 2017, in València (Spain). The Project was represented by UPV/EHU with a paper on "Quality of Service (QoS) oriented management system in 5G Cloud-enabled RAN” (R. Solozabal, Je.O. Fajardo, B. Blanco, and F. Liberal).

The "Jornadas de Ingeniería Telemática (JITEL)" was organized by the Asociación de Telemática (ATEL) and is a forum for networking, discussion and dissemination for the academic and researchers interested in the topics of data networks and telematic services.

The complete program of the event (with downloadable content) can be found here: 

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Monday, November 6, 2017