5G-PPP Media & Analyst Event at Mobile World Congress 2016

The European Commission and the 5G Infrastructure Association have the pleasure to report on the media and industry analyst briefing on the launch of the 5G PPP White Paper “5G Empowering Verticals” at Mobile World Congress 2016.

5G network infrastructures will be a key asset to support the digitalization of economic and societal processes, leading to the fourth industrial revolution impacting multiple vertical sectors. The 5G PPP White paper on empowering verticals depicts innovative digital use cases from most important vertical sectors and how requirements from verticals impact 5G design. It also presents how 5G will open the field to new business value propositions by cementing strong relationships between vendors, operators and verticals. Deploying 5G for vertical markets in Europe by 2020 (the earliest date currently contemplated by the industry) should be a common framing objective.

During the event, Mr. Günther H. Oettinger, European Commissioner, Digital Economy and Society, and executives from global top technology companies discussed the impact of 5G on digital society and digital economy, as well as requirements from vertical industries, business models, architectures and standardization aspects of 5G.

Moderator Mr Philippe Defraigne, Cullen International
Mr Günther H. Oettinger, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society
Mr Ulf Ewaldsson, Chief Technology Officer, Ericsson
Mr Hermann Meyer, Chief Executive Officer, ERTICO – ITS Europe
Mr Wen Tong, Wireless Chief Technology Officer, Huawei
Mr Hossein Moiin, Chief Technology Officer, Nokia Mobile Networks, Nokia
Mr Alain Maloberti, Senior Vice President, Orange Labs Networks, Orange
Mr Karim Michel Sabbagh, Chief Executive Officer, SES
Mr Bjørn Taale Sandberg, Senior Vice President, Telenor Research leader, Telenor

Download the Press Release 22-02-2016: 5G Key to Revolutionizing Industry and Society
Download the White Paper: “5G Empowering Verticals

Tuesday, March 1, 2016