Towards pursuing the project’s goals, the following main measurable objectives are identified.

Objective #1: Definition and specification of the system architecture and interfaces for the provisioning of multi-operator Small Cell networks, optimized for the most promising scenarios and use cases.

Objective #2: Specification, design and implementation of a multi-operator CESC prototype, supporting self-x features enabling multi-tenant and multi-service access infrastructure.

Objective #3: Specification, design and implementation of a low-cost Light DC prototype as NFV Point-of-Presence providing support for intensive low latency applications, secure connections and high quality of experience, while minimizing space, infrastructure costs and energy consumption.

Objective #4: Launching of at least three high impact sample Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) for demonstration and assessment of SESAME CESC platform – Small Cell virtualization through providing Multi-Operator Core Network (MOCN) as a VNF.

Objective #5: Design and development of a framework for efficient resource planning and coherent management of the multi-operator Small Cells as light NFV distributed infrastructure.

Objective #6: Design and implementation of CESCM, capable of chaining and orchestrating the different VNFs required to cope with the dynamic SLAs between the CESC provider and the network operators.

Objective #7: Integration into one Pre-Commercial Prototype of Small Cells, Light DC and management and orchestration functionalities - The prototype will be used to perform testing and evaluation against solidly defined use cases.

Objective #8: Conduct of Market Analysis, Road-mapping, as well as establishment of new Business Models - Detailed Techno-economic Analysis towards exploitation and commercialization by industrial partners is also a priority.

Objective #9: Communication/dissemination of project results raising awareness and impact on stakeholders and the wider community, as well as assessment of received feedback - Creation and exploitation of synergies with the rest 5G-PPP projects and the Association towards building a consistent 5G view.