Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe (FLE) was founded in 2001 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd, Japan. FLE R&D activities are focused on next generation networks and wireless technologies, cloud and high performance computing, M2M service platforms and sensors. FLE has a strong collaboration mission and is investing in activities such as the UK based 5G-IC initiative which is carrying out pre-competitive R&D and EU collaborative projects. FLE has extensive knowledge of cellular network standardization with many years of active participation in 3GPP and ETSI.

Additionally, in FLE's Sustainability and Green IT research, technology is being applied to energy efficiency in the wider community. FLE has been involved in a number of internal and collaborative projects covering different network topologies including Body Area Networks, Sensor Networks, Radio Relay Networks and Autonomic Networks.

In addition FLE is support our service oriented business units by developing network optimization service prototypes for coverage, capacity and energy within a next generation radio access network with associated network policy engines.