IPA Ltd is an innovator, developer and manufacturer of small cell infrastructure solutions for home, business, or public use and is an acknowledged world-leader across a number of key measures. The company was founded in 1999 and its GSM pico-cell solution pioneered the Self Configuring Network concept for small cells. The company’s range of small cell (pico-cell and femto-cell) solutions for 3G, EDGE GSM and LTE deployments combine IP and wireless technologies and have all the key components needed – small cell access points, converged access gateways, and network management solutions - to help operators drive down costs and increase the coverage and capacity of mobile networks, Over 1.6 Million small cells have been deployed worldwide in over 100 networks containing IPA technology. In 2013, Infonetics Research indicated that IPA technology had 36.4% of the small cell market, either directly or via supply to partners, and lead in the WCDMA space. IPA has supplied its LTE small cell products to more than 10 customers for deployment, research and testing purposes.