National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos" (NCSRD)

The National Centre for Scientific Research DEMOKRITOS (NCSRD) is the biggest research centre in applied sciences and engineering in Greece and it is a self-governing research organisation. NCSRD consists of five Institutes spanning a broad range of activities, and of divisions responsible for administrative and technical support. Staff consists of about 400 persons, over 300 research associates and about 100 graduate students working towards Ph.D. degree. It is the home of the Greek National Host and a major node in the Greek National Research and Technology Network (GR-Net).

The following are some of the EU-funded competitive research and development projects, in the area of Telecommunications, in which the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications has participated, thus acquiring significant expertise: CRABS-ACTS96, WATT-ACTS96, FCPN-ESPRIT, MAMBO-FP5/IST, SOQUET-FP5/IST, REPOSIT-FP5/IST (Technical Coordinator), WIN-FP5/IST, CREDO-FP5/IST, LIAISON-FP6/IST(IP), ENTHRONE-I-FP6/IST(IP), ATHENA-FP6/IST(STREP) (Coordinator), IMOSAN-FP6/IST(STREP/Coordinator), ENTHRONE-II-FP6/IST(IP), UNITE-IST/FP6, PERSEUS-SEC/FP7, HURRICANE-ICT/FP7, ALICANTE-ICT/FP7(IP),  ADAMANTIUM-ICT/FP7 (Coordinator), SAVASA-SEC/FP7, GERYON-SEC/FP7, SUNNY-SEC/FP7, FP7/ICT T-NOVA (Coordinator), ESA IIT CloudSat.