SistelBanda S.A.

Sistelbanda S.A. is a Spanish small & medium enterprise (SME). The company is focused on the development of end-to-end small cell systems and solutions for 4G and beyond mobile communications. Sistelbanda S.A. is a leading HW and SW provider of end-to-end LTE small cell networks, having developed the complete protocol stack for LTE small cells, a Small Cell Gateway including all the needed entities for deploying a private LTE small cell network, as well as a complete SON software suite based on Artificial Intelligence solutions, using dedicated Software Agents and a Multi-Agent platform for embedded systems.

For its HeNB products, the company has also developed its own HW platforms, for different final applications (residential, enterprise), delivering a complete HeNB device.

The company has also developed a Small Cell Gateway that includes all the needed elements to deploy an end-to-end private LTE small cell network, including a LTE EPC, a cSON server, a HeMS, a X2-GW, a Se-GW, a Certification Authority for managing certificates, and other network services needed for operating and managing a mobile communications network.

Sistelbanda is an active participant in European collaborative research and development and has participated in the past EU Framework Programmes, primarily in the ICT area, and participates actively at the Small Cell Forum, working mainly within the RPH (Radio & Physical Layer), NET (Network) and Services WGs.